C9 Croffles

Ever since the Cronut was introduced in 2013, pastry chefs have been looking for new ways to successfully merge croissants with other foods. Four years later, after the huge success of the croissant-donut hybrid, an Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox introduced the Croffle, a food hybrid that combines croissants and waffles by placing rich, buttery croissant pastries into a waffle maker.After months of experimenting with our recipes and flavours, the team at C9 started serving high-quality croffles filled with freshness. C9 croffles are locally sourced and freshly made with premium ingredients at our state-of-the-art location in small batches to preserve the quality and taste.

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We believe in bringing smiles and richness with our delicious croffle flavours served throughout the day from morning till midnight!

Stop by and check out unique flavours and recipes. You can add your own toppings coated with either milk or dark Belgian  chocolate. You may also choose toppings such as hazelnuts, cinnamon, sprinkles, and much more to add to your crispy and fresh croffles