C9 gelato is all in to satisfy your sweet tooth!


We bring the finest flavours in town for people who love indulging in decadent and scrumptious desserts. Choose from over 40 flavours especially made by our first-class gelato specialists from Sardegna- Italy who have continuously modified the flavours to provide the creamiest treats in Australia.

There’s more!

You can also select Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free options, besides the add-ons from cones pair it with the flavour of your choice, and ta-da! Savor it all alone or share the happiness with someone special.


We believe in giving you the best experience in terms of taste and serve carefully crafted recipes that have been perfected by our in-house gelato chefs for years.

Choose from the best inhouse gelato flavours:

Dairy free


Dear C9 customers please let us know if you can’t find your favourite flavours in our range so we try and see if we can add your favourite in our range:

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