C9 Gelato Lab

Curious about how we make our premium gelatos? We take you on the sweetest journey and share our traditional Italian gelato recipe with you, welcoming all the gelato enthusiasts to know the art of gelato making!


We carry on an old family tradition of making gelato and infuse it with flavours apt for the modern taste buds.

Our "Gelato Lab" at all the C9 shops is well-equipped with modern resources essential for making the creamiest gelato to ensure it contains less than 50% air, as opposed to ice-creams.

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Starting with three main ingredients- milk, sugar, and cream our specialists invest hours in the process to make the flavours more pronounced. We take the utmost care about everything throughout all the steps and incorporate the highest standard of hygiene.

Oh and we’re quite friendly and welcome our customers to enjoy the gelato-making process live at all our C9 branches to know the taste and process before making a purchase!


Watch the videos below to see how we make the finest gelato from 3 basic ingredients to serve you with over 40 mouth-watering falvours.